2012-2013 Citizenship & Sustainability Report

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Sustainability Scorecard

In 2011, we set preliminary sustainability goals that correspond to our four focus areas, which are listed below. These focus areas serve as the foundation of our sustainability strategy and the basis for further development and refinement going forward. We will measure performance against them and continue reporting our progress in future editions of this report. Our 2012 sustainability initiatives and results are featured below.

Invest in the Technologies of Tomorrow

Goal: Evaluate latest technology research in emerging alternative energy sources; assess commercial viability of renewable energy technologies and conservation/efficiency tools to identify business partnership opportunities
Initiatives Progress
blue arrow Plug-In Electric Vehicles Pilot program underway through Nov. 2014
blue arrow Conservation Voltage Reductions (CVR) 2012: Formed stand-alone business – EDGE℠
blue arrow Offshore Wind Power 2012: Awarded contract by DOE to lead private/public collaborative to engineer, design and permit a wind turbine demonstration project off the coast of Virginia
blue arrow Micro-grid Research Project 2012: Announced partnership with VCU School of Engineering to research and develop micro-grid test site for energy efficiency technologies
blue arrow Dominion GreenTech Incubator (renamed Dominion Resources Innovation Center) 2012: Five occupants in advanced technology center created to support start-up companies in clean energy and other industrial sectors
Goal: Meet Virginia Renewable Portfolio Standard Goal: 15% by 2025
blue arrow 4% of 2007 sales in VA derived from renewable energy sources between 2010-2015 On target to meet goal
Goal: Meet North Carolina RPS goal for Energy & Energy Efficiency: 12.5% by 2021
blue arrow 3% of 2007 sales in NC derived from renewable power, renewable energy credits and energy efficiency between 2012-2014 On target to meet goal

Reduce Our Environmental Footprint

Goal: Transition commercial light-duty vehicle fleet to a green fleet (electric, hybrid and other alternative-fuel vehicles)
Initiatives Progress
blue arrow Replace commercial sedans and SUVs as appropriate with AFVs 2012: Purchased 4 utility service trucks that use hybrid electric technology
Goal: Manage our energy footprint at company facilities
blue arrow Pursue Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification for new administrative/warehouse complexes 2012: LEED standards included in EPC contracts at 2 new gas-fired power stations in Virginia
blue arrow Track and report annual energy use at company facilities 2012: Reduced internal electricity consumption by 6% below 2011 levels
blue arrow Conduct energy audit of corporate headquarters; make recommendations to management and Executive Sustainability Council Trained internal audit team
Conducted headquarters energy audit
Reported findings and recommendations to ESC
Goal: Manage our energy footprint at company facilities
blue arrow Continue participation in EPA's WasteWise partnership 2012 data submitted to EPA in April 2013
blue arrow Seek beneficial uses for Coal Combustion Byproducts (CCBs) that are technically feasible and economically viable 2012: Reused 1.2 million tons of CCBs, or 41% of total produced
Goal: Track methane emissions from gas transmission and storage business; adopt best practices to reduce methane emissions
blue arrow Partner with government, NGOs, academia and industry 2012: Completed data collection and submitted to EPA’s Natural Gas Star program
Collaborating in Colorado State U. and Environmental Defense Fund methane emissions study
Goal: Utilize best practices to minimize SF6 greenhouse gas leakage
blue arrow Estimate annual SF6 emissions from electric operations, implement cost-effective solutions to reduce leakage 2012: Procured new test equipment to identify problematic electrical systems
Included SF6 BACT limits in air permit for new Brunswick gas-fired power station

Provide Green Opportunities for Customers & Communities

Goal: Provide customers with opportunities to support renewable energy and its development
Initiatives Progress
blue arrow Solar Partnership Program 2012: Received regulatory approval to partner with customers in evaluating the impact and benefits of solar power on the electric distribution system
May 2013: Announced Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va., as the program’s first partner
blue arrow "Schedule RG” Renewable Energy Purchase Program 2012: Filed for regulatory approval to offer large, non-residential customers the option to purchase a larger share of their power needs from renewable energy sources
blue arrow Dominion Green Power Program 2012: Exceeded program target of 15,000 participants
Goal: Provide customers with energy management & conservation programs
blue arrow Enhance customer opportunities for energy conservation 2012: Introduced package of 4 new residential and 3 commercial energy conservation program options
Goal: Support NGO projects that protect natural resources
blue arrow Engage employee volunteers and/or provide financial support through the Dominion Foundation 2012 results:
"Putting Our Energy to Work for the Environment" employee volunteer project; completed 16 projects in 9 states with 400 employee volunteers and $30,000 donation from the Foundation
$3.1 million in total Foundation giving to environmental/historic preservation projects
Goal: Partner with schools to improve STEM and energy/environmental education
blue arrow Support employee volunteer mentoring and strategic Foundation giving 2012 results:
Multiple employee-led educational outreach/mentoring activities
$1 million in “Higher Education Partnership” grants to 32 colleges in 6 states
$360,000 in grants to 78 K-12 schools in 11 states
Goal: Partner with NGOs to conduct energy efficiency improvements in communities where we do business
blue arrow Align charitable grants with volunteer assistance to implement improvements 2012: Conducted 26 “Energizing our Communities for Veterans” projects in 10 states; provided $1,000 grants and up to 25 company volunteers per community project

Engage with Employees and Stakeholders on Sustainability Issues

Goal: Develop internal sustainability governance framework
Initiatives Progress
blue arrow Integrate sustainability into corporate governance and workforce 2012: Continued to raise employee sustainability awareness and engagement via regular employee communications
Goal: Enhance company data disclosure and transparency
blue arrow Utilize CSR, other online/print company reports and social media 2012 results:
Participated in Carbon Disclosure Project's "Water Disclosure" reporting process for second time
Joined Colorado State University methane emissions study
Expanded use of social media to engage more fully with customers and employees
Goal: Engage with employees and other stakeholders to advance sustainability agenda and partnerships
blue arrow Employee focus 2012 results:
Continued "Sustainability Speaker Series" with 3 presentations by external sustainability experts
Promoted use of company sustainability mailbox and CSR survey instrument to facilitate dialogue and feedback
Convened monthly meetings of Employee Sustainability Council and quarterly meetings of Executive Sustainability Council to set goals, monitor progress and plan future activities
blue arrow External stakeholder focus 2012 results:
Continued to emphasize outreach and partnership opportunities in areas such as supplier diversity, customer efficiency/conservation programs, philanthropy, volunteerism and community energy assistance initiatives
Met with investor groups and environmental NGOs about sustainability and environmental issues and long-range resource planning process

Our Sustainability Model

Dominion Sustainability Model

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