Citizenship Report 2015-2016

GRI Index

We follow the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, version G4, as well as the Electric Utility Sector Supplement (EUSS). Indicators specific to the latter are shown as EU(#). For many GRI indicators, we refer users to information on our website or other public documents. For others, we provide brief narrative responses. Most of the data in this index is from calendar year 2015, consistent with our most recent report.

G4 Indicator Topic Response
Strategy and Analysis
G4-1 Sustainability vision and strategy - Chairman’s Message
- Strategy & Risk Management
- About This Report
G4-2 Key impacts, risks, opportunities - Chairman’s Message
- Governance
- Strategy & Risk Management
- 2016 SEC Form 10-K
Organizational Profile
G4-3 Name of the organization Dominion Resources, Inc.
G4-4 Primary products, services and divisions - Company Profile
- Operations
G4-5 Headquarters Richmond, Virginia
G4-6 Countries of operation USA
G4-7 Ownership and legal form Investor-owned corporation, [NYSE: D]
G4-8 Markets served - Company Profile
- Operations
- 2016 Summary Annual Report
G4-9 Scale of the organization - Company Profile
- Summary Performance Table
- 2016 SEC Form 10-K
G4-10 Workforce - Workplace section of this report
- Summary Performance Table
G4-11 % of employess covered by collective bargaining agreements - Labor Relations
- Summary Performance Table
G4-12 Organization's supply chain - Supplier Diversity
- Stakeholder Engagement
G4-13 Significant recent changes - Operations
- Economic Development
G4-14 Precautionary approach or principle - Risk Management
G4-15 External charters, principles, and initiatives Referenced throughout this report
G4-16 Organizational memberships - Governance
- Stakeholder Engagement
  Recent Awards - Awards & Recognition
EU-1 Installed capacity - Operations
- 2016 SEC Form 10-K
EU-2 Net energy output by source - Operations
- 2016 SEC Form 10-K
EU-3 Number of customer accounts - Summary Performance Table
- Economic Development
EU-4 Length of transmission and distribution lines - Company Profile
- Operations
- 2016 SEC Form 10-K
EU-5 Allocation of CO2 emissions projects Not applicable in our market
Material Aspects and Boundaries
G4-17 Entities included in financial statements - 2016 SEC Form 10-K
- 2016 Summary Annual Report
G4-18 Process for defining report content and aspect boundaries - About This Report
G4-19 Material aspects identified - About This Report
- Governance
G4-20 Aspect boundaries w/I the organization - Governance
- About This Report
G4-21 Aspect boundaries outside the organization - Governance
- About This Report
- Stakeholder Engagement
G4-22 Restatements of information - Summary Performance Table
- Workplace/Employee Safety
G4-23 Significant changes in scope and aspect boundaries None
Stakeholder Engagement
G4-24 Stakeholder groups engaged by the company - Stakeholder Engagement
- Governance
G4-25 Basis for identification and selection of stakeholders - About This Report
- Stakeholder Engagement
- Governance
G4-26 Approaches to stakeholder engagement - Stakeholder Engagement
- Community/Public Health & Safety
- Customer Section
G4-27 Responses to stakeholder topics of concern - Governance
- Stakeholder Engagement
Report Profile
G4-28 Reporting period Calendar year 2015
G4-29 Date of previous report July 2015
G4-30 Reporting cycle Annual
G4-31 Contact point
G4-32 Location of standard disclosures - GRI Index (this listing)
- About This Report
G4-33 Assurance We did not seek external assurance
G4-34 Governance structure, including committees - Governance setion of this report
- Corporate governance section of Dominion website
- 2016 Proxy Statement


Responsibility for ESG issues Pamela Faggert Chief Environmental Officer & Senior Vice President of Sustainability, reporting to Robert M. Blue, president of Dominion Virginia Power & SVP of Law, Regulation and Policy
G4-37 Consultation with stakeholders - Stakeholder Engagement
- 2016 Proxy Statement
G4-38 Directors - 2016 Proxy Statement
- Dominion website: Governance/BoD
G4-39 Is chairman an executive officer? - Yes. See Governance Policies & Guidelines
G4-40 Determining board member qualifications - See Governance Policies & Guidelines
G4-41 Avoiding conflicts of inerest - Ethics section of this report
- 2016 Proxy Statement
Governance process and performance; board competencies - Governance section of this report
- 2016 Proxy Statement
- Corporate Governance Guidelenes
Responsibility for risk management - Strategy & Risk Management section
- 2016 SEC Form 10-K
- 2016 Proxy Statement
G4-48 Sustainability report approval Subject matter experts and senior management approve reports
Communicating critical concerns - Governance section
Compensation and performance - 2016 Proxy Statement
Values, ethics, integrity - Mission, Values & Vision section
- Governance/Ethics section
Economic Indicators
Approach to ensure short- and long-term electric availability and reliability - 2016 SEC Form 10-K
- Integrated Resource Plan
- Reliabilty and rates section of this report
EU7 Demand-side management programs - 2016 SEC Form 10-K
- Integrated Resource Plan
- Energy Conservation section of this report
EU8 R & D activity - Innovation section of this report
EU9 Provisions to decommission nuclear power sites - 2016 SEC Form 10-K
Economic Performance
G4-EC1 Economic value generated - 2016 SEC Form 10-K
- 2016 Summary Annual Report
- Summary Performance Table
G4-EC2 Financial implications of climate change - 2016 SEC Form 10-K
- Integrated Resource Plan
G4-EC3 Defined employee benefit plan obligations - 2016 SEC Form 10-K
G4-EC4 Financial assistance from government Not centrally tracked
Market Presence
G4-EC5 Entry-level wages Not centrally tracked
G4-EC6 Procedures for local hiring; % management hired from local community Not centrally tracked; see Summary Performance Table for other workforce demographics.
G4-EC9 Spending on locally-based suppliers While we do not have documented policies and procedures related to locally-based suppliers, where applicable, consideration is given to local suppliers if they have products/services we can use to ensure we give back to the communities we serve. However, to comply with our policies, they must earn the business by legitimately winning the award.
Indirect Economic Impacts
G4-EC7 Investments and services for public benefit - Strategy & Risk Management section
- Economic Development section
- Summary Performance Table
G4-EC8 Indirect economic impacts - Economic Development section
EU10 Planned capacity and projected demand - 2016 SEC Form 10-K
- 2016 Summary Annual Report
- Summary Performance Table
EU11 Average thermal plant efficiency - Coal: 10,107 Btu/kwh
- Natural Gas Combined Cycle: 7,251 Btu/kwh
- Total regulated units: 9,133 Btu/kwh
EU12 Transmission and distribution losses - 2015 transmission losses = 1.4%
- 2015 distribution losses = 3.8%
Environmental Indicators
G4-EN1 Weight or volume of materials - 2016 SEC Form 10-K
Note: Most high-volume materials are purchased with no regard for weight or volume. See G4-EN3 for fuel quantities.
G4-EN2 Materials used that are recycled content - Resource Conservation & Recycling
- Summary Performance Table
- Environmental Report on Dominion website
G4-EN3 Internal energy consumption - 2016 SEC Form 10-K
Note: Most of the energy we use is from fuels. We do not centrally track indirect energy consumption.
G4-EN4 Energy consumption outside of Dominion - 2016 SEC Form 10-K
- Integrated Resource Plan
- Energy Conservation section of this report
Energy intensity and reduction in consumption - 2016 SEC Form 10-K
- About Us/Operations section
G4-EN7 Energy efficiency - See EU11 for generation efficiency
- See Energy Conservation section of this report for customer energy efficiency
- Annual Report of Conservation Efforts
G4-EN8 Water withdrawl - Water Quality section
- Summary Performance Table
- Water Disclosure Project
G4-EN9 Water sources, habitats affected by withdrawls - Water Quality section
G4-EN10 Water recycled or reused - Water Quality section
- Summary Performance Table
G4-EN11 Company lands in or near protected areas and of high biodiversity value - Biodiversity section of this report
- Stewardship & Compliance section
G4-EN12 Impacts of high biodiversity areas - Environmental Regulations section, 2016 SEC Form 10K
- Biodiversity section of this report
G4-EN13 Habitats protected or restored - Biodiversity section of this report
G4-EN14 Special species habitats - Biodiversity section
Emissions, Effluents, Waste
GHG emissions - Climate Change section of this report
- Greenhouse Gas Report
- Carbon Disclosure Project
Indirect (scope 2 and 3) GHG emissions We do not track or report indirect emissions, which are very small relative to direct emissions
G4-EN19 Reductions of GHG emissions - Climate Change section
- Chairman’s Message
- Operations/Electric section
- Summary Performance Table
- Greenhouse Gas Report
G4-EN20 Ozone depleting emissions by weight We do not centrally track these data or aggregate them.
G4-EN21 NOx, SO2 and other significant air emissions - Air Quality section of this report
- Summary Performance Table
G4-EN22 Total water discharges We use different water discharge systems at different facilities and do not track a total discharge volume. Discharges are to rivers and lakes as governed by regulatory permits.
G4-EN23 Total weight of waste by type and disposal method - Resource Conservation section
- Summary Performance Table
G4-EN24 Number and volume of significant spills - Summary Performance Table
G4-EN25 Transported hazardous waste - Summary Performance Table
Products and Services
G4-EN27 Environmental impact mitigation - Resource Conservation section of this report
- Summary Performance Table
G4-EN29 Incidents and fines for environmemtal non-compliance - Summary Performance Table
G4-EN30 Environmental protection expenditures Total 2015 environmental O&M
Labor Practices Indicators
G4-LA1 Workforce composition, including contractors - Diversity & Inclusion section
- Workforce Planning section
- Summary Performance Table
Note: We do not track contractor data
G4-LA2 Employee benefits - Health & Wellness section
- Engagement & Development section
Labor/Management Relations
G4-LA3 Employees and contractors covered by collective bargaining agreements - Labor Relations section
- Summary Performance Table
Note: We do not track contractor data
G4-LA4 Minimun notice requirements We comply with applicable laws, regulations and collective bargaining agreements requiring notice of operational changes.
Occupational Health & Safety
G4-LA5 Percent of workforce in Management/worker health & safety oversight committees We do not track this data. However, we have voluntary employee safety committees companywide. They send safety messages to employees and hold regular safety meetings.
Safety statistics for employees and contractors - Employee Safety section
- Summary Performance Table
G4-LA8 Health and safety topics in formal agreements with labor unions

Safety is a core value and its importance is highlighted our collective bargaining agreements. Health and welfare benefits are mandatory subjects of bargaining and are covered in collective bargaining agreements.

Training & Education
G4-LA9 Employee training We do not centrally track the number of hours employees spend on training. See Engagement & Development section for more information.
G4-LA10 Continuing education - Engagement & Development section
G4-LA11 Performance reviews We have a formal performance appraisal process. Final appraisal completion for all non-union employees is 95%. Also see Engagement & Development section.
Diversity & Equal Opportunity
Diversity - Diversity & Inclusion section
- Dominion corporate diversity webpage
- Summary Performance Table
G4-LA14 (G 3.1 Indicator) Remuneration by gender Dominion complies with all state, federal and local laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination.
Human Rights Indicators
Investment & Procurement Practices
G4-HR1 Percent and total number of investment agreements with human rights clauses, or that have been screened for such clauses Dominion is a soley domestic U.S. company, and this is not an issue at this time. We operate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations at all of our facilities.
G4-HR2 (G 3.1 Indicator) Percent of suppliers and contractors screened for human rights, and actions taken Suppliers are expected to adhere to standards contained in our Supplier Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.
G4-HR2 Training on human rights policies. Employees are trained on the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.
G4-HR3 Incidents of discrimination and action taken

Claims made to government agencies are not reported publicly. However, no such agency reached a “for cause” determination in 2015 substantiating a claim that Dominion engaged in employment discrimination.

Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining
G4-HR4 Operations with freedom of association and collective bargaining at risk None known. We comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations wherever we operate. See our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct for more information.
Child Labor
G4-HR5 Operations at risk for incidents of child labor None known
Forced & Compulsory Labor
G4-HR6 Operations at risk for incidents of forced or compulsory labor None known. See our Supplier Code of Ethics and Business Conduct for more information.
Security Practices
G4-HR7 Percent of security personnel trained in human rights policies and procedures Not tracked at this time. The company provides training to employees to recognize and prevent possible violent or threatening behavior in the workplace.
Indigenous Rights
G4-HR8 Violations involving human rights of indigenous people and actions taken None known. See HR1.
Social Indicators
Local Communities
G4-SO1 Programs to assess and manage operational impacts on communities. - Stakeholder Engagement section. Also see response to EC7 and EC8
G4-SO3 Percent and number of business units analyzed for corruption risk

We do not disclose this information publicly.

G4-SO4 Percent of employees trained in anti-corruption policies and procedures

All employees receive periodic training on the company’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. New hires are required to complete this training within 30 days of their start date. As part of our regulated utility operations, certain employees must complete annual training on the FERC Standards of Conduct and certain state regulatory codes of conduct. Employees potentially involved in international business receive training on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and comparable anti-bribery laws that may apply in foreign countries.

G4-SO5 Actions taken in response to corruption incidents.

We do not disclose this information publicly.

Public Policy
SO5 (G 3.1 Indicator) Public policy positions, participation in policy development and lobbying - Governance/Public Policy Engagement section of this report
G4-SO6 Total value of financial and in-kind contributions for political purposes - Governance/Political Involvement section
Anti-Competitive Behavior
G4-SO7 Number of legal actions for non-competitive behavior - 2016 SEC Form 10-K
G4-SO8 Significant fines paid for regulatory non-compliance - 2016 SEC Form 10-K
- Summary Performance Table
Product Responsibility Indicators
Customer Health &Safety
G4-PR1 Safety assessment and improvement Safety comes first in all we do. See Public Health & Safety section.
G4-PR2 Number if incidents of non-compliance with health and safety codes relative to customers None known
Product & Service Labeling
G4-PR3 Labeling information required by procedures

Electric and natural gas service cannot be labeled. We provide regular and detailed safety information to customers via bill inserts, public service announcements, Speakers Bureau presentations, targeted mailings, social media and our corporate website.

G4-PR5 Practices and results of customer satisfaction surveys

- Customer Service section of this report

Customer Privacy
G4-PR8 Number of substantial complaints or breaches of customer privacy - Privacy Policy, corporate website
G4-PR9 Fines paid for non-compliance with regulations and codes for use of products and services See SEC Form 10-K for information about litigation, fines and penalties.
EU26 Percentage of population unserved in service area Dominion has an obligation to serve all who want electric service in its franchise service area.
EU27 Number of residential disconnects for non-payment Not centrally tracked as specified in the GRI guidelines.
EU28 Power outage frequency - Service Reliability section
EU29 Average power outage duration - Service Reliability section
EU30 Average plant availability factor by energy source -2015 nuclear fleet capacity factor = 92%
-2015 coal fleet equivalent availability = 81%
G4 Indicator Topic Response